8. Woven Woods

The bamboo and woven wood shades add a calming island atmoshpere to any room.  Woven wood shades have come a long way since their invention by Bamboo Abbott Florida corporation a half century ago, now featuring options like sewn in privacy liners, blackout liners, top down bottom up function, clutch lift systems that can manually raise shades up to 8 feet wide and 9 feet tall, motorized capablility, the twin shade, which offers a standard woven wood material and an independently operating liner shade on the same headrail for more controlled privacy solutions, and even bamboo folding doors and draperies.  Though somewhat limited in style, woven wood shades have become one of the most versatile window covering materials available today.  Oahu Blinds is an authorized reseller of  The West Lake Collection woven wood shades in Kailua, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.